3 Advantages Of Choosing A Dental Implant Over A Dental Bridge

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If you have a tooth that has been extracted, your dentist has probably advised you to replace the tooth using a dental implant or a dental bridge. However, each option has different characteristics. In many cases, a dental implant offers more benefits then a dental bridge. Here are a few advantages to choosing a dental implant instead of a fixed dental bridge:

Dental implants still stimulate the jawbone.

When a dental bridge is installed, the false tooth that lies in the middle of the bridge replaces the missing tooth but is still situated above the gun line. This can be problematic for the jawbone because the bone relies on stimulation in order to produce more bone cells. Without the false tooth making contact with the jawbone, no stimulation can occur.

Dental implants are installed in the jawbone. The titanium rod or screw is surgically placed inside the bone to serve as a root for the artificial tooth. Each time a dental implant patient eats, the jawbone is stimulated to produce more bone cells.

A dental implant can be used to stabilize future tooth replacement appliances.

If at some point the dental patient loses more teeth, he or she may choose to have an overdenture installed. An overdenture is a special type of denture that includes a connecting mechanism on the underside of the appliance to attach to natural teeth or to dental implants. If there are not enough natural teeth left in the mouth to support the overdenture, dental implants can be used.

A dental implant does not require the altering of healthy, natural teeth.

When a dental implant is placed, the surgical installation occurs only at the site of the missing tooth. There is no need for adjacent teeth to be modified in any way. This is not the case for a dental bridge.

The bridge crowns of a bridge help secure the bridge into place. The crowns must be bonded to existing natural teeth or to dental implants in order for the bridge to remain stabilized in the mouth.

Before the bridge crowns can be placed, the team that will be covered by the crowns must be filed down so that the crowns can fit over them properly without changing the patient's bite. Once the natural teeth have been altered, they cannot be restored to their original state.

If you have a missing tooth and would like to learn what your tooth replacement options are, schedule an appointment with an implant dentist in your area.


18 March 2016

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