Need Straight Teeth As An Adult? 3 Treatments To Consider

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Many people get braces as a child or teen, but you might not have had the opportunity to get them, or your teeth may have shifted over time. If, as an adult, you want straight teeth but don't want traditional metal braces, there are some other alternatives to consider.

Clear Plastic Aligners

This is a newer orthodontic procedure that uses plastic aligners to be placed over your teeth in order to encourage movement. You might see them under brand names like Invisalign or others, depending on what your dentist prefers. Similar to braces, you will first see an orthodontist who will perform x-rays and decide how best to straighten your teeth. You have impressions made of your teeth, which are sent to a dental lab to have the first set of aligners made. When they are done, you will wear them at all times, except when eating or brushing your teeth. You will return to the orthodontist for a new set of aligners every few weeks for the entire course of the treatment.

Dental Veneers

If your misalignment problem is minor, you might be able to correct it with dental veneers. This is only to help with the top surface of your teeth, not to provide any type of orthodontic or restorative treatment. The veneers are made by getting impressions of your teeth, then sending them to a dental lab. Thin porcelain pieces are then created with these impressions, which are bonded to the front of your teeth. They are done in such a way where gaps can be covered. Your dentist will need to prepare your teeth beforehand by filing them down in order to make room for the veneers and correct the aesthetic issues with your teeth.

Ceramic or Lingual Braces

Even if you don't want metal braces on your teeth, there are still orthodontic treatments that can effectively straighten your teeth. For example, you can opt for ceramic braces, which still have the metal wires between brackets, but the brackets themselves are made from tooth-coloured ceramic. These are much less obvious than the shiny metal brackets with traditional braces. You can also choose lingual braces, which have the brackets and wires on the back of the teeth instead of the front. Talk to your orthodontist to find out if either of these options will help your misalignment issue. They both work just as effectively as traditional braces.

Speak to your dentist about these and other options that might be available. For more information, visit websites like


18 March 2016

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