Dealing With Uncomfortable And Painful Dentures

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When your dentures are painful, they can really impact your quality of life. You rely on your dentures not only for your appearance, but to chew your food and even talk correctly. You don't want to wear something that constantly pinches your mouth or makes you feel uncomfortable. Here are some reasons why your dentures may be uncomfortable and some things you can do about the problem whether you have full dentures or only partials.

Dentures fit poorly to begin with:

When you first get your dentures, they should be fitted so that they are comfortable at all times, especially when you eat and talk. They should have good suction and not rub or move against your gums. Dentures with over-extended areas or sharp points left over from manufacturing can also be painful. In these cases, talk to your dentist about having your dentures refitted. If they are painful when you first get them, they will get more painful over time as your mouth changes.

There are infections and sores:

Another reason why wearing dentures can become painful is that your mouth and gums have developed sores from bacteria building up in the mouth or on the dentures. If you wear your dentures at night or don't clean them properly, bacteria can begin to multiply and cause infections. These infections often show up as sores on the side of the mouth or on the roof of your mouth. The best way to prevent these infections is to practice good hygiene and clean your dentures every day with a good denture cleaner and not regular toothpaste. Try soaking your dentures overnight in denture cleaner designed for that purpose.

Your mouth has changed shape:

The longer you have missing teeth and wear dentures, the more likely your mouth will change shape mostly due to bone degradation. In some areas of the mouth, particularly the area behind where the canines would be located, enough bone can wear down so that your dentures sit directly on a major nerve known as the "mental nerve." Another problem is that anchor teeth, if you have them, can crack or become loose after time. When the bone structure changes, dentures may move around more and cause discomfort. To prevent this, see your dentist regularly to check and adjust the fit of your dentures. In some cases, all you may need is to have your dentures re-lined. After some time, you may need a completely new set of dentures.


20 March 2016

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