The Advantages Of Dental Implants Vs. Dentures

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If you're looking to improve your smile, whether it's to fill in the gaps from a few missing teeth or to replace your entire set of teeth, you're probably wondering if it's better to choose implants or stick with dentures. While dentures are generally less expensive, implants are durable, don't have to be removed for cleaning, and function much more like natural teeth. However, these are just a few of the many benefits of implants over dentures.

  1. Durability. The porcelain crowns on dental implants last much longer than dentures. In fact, implants can last a lifetime. That compares to five to seven years for the average set of dentures. It's likely that you will never have to replace your implants.
  2. Look and act like real teeth. Since implants are anchored in your jaw with titanium screws, they function much like your natural teeth. You can eat all of the foods you've always enjoyed, can speak easily, and don't have to worry about your teeth slipping or falling out as can happen with dentures. Also, unlike dentures, you can brush your implants as you would your natural teeth; you don't have to take them out to clean them or soak them overnight.
  3. Support your jaw and mouth. With dentures, your jawline and mouth can take on a sunken look that can make you look older than your years. Since implants are permanently affixed to your jaw, they help to fill in your mouth and prevent that sunken look.
  4. Less harbor for bacteria. Bacteria can get in and thrive in the spaces between dentures and gums, compromising your health and even potentially leading to a systemic infection. Bacteria can even travel to the bone and cause bone loss. When properly cared for, implants are much less likely to provide a home for bacteria.
  5. Comfort. Another of the chief advantages to implants over dentures is that they are more comfortable. While dentures can slip and slide and cause ulcers to form between them and your gums, implants stay in one place. In addition, pieces of food can't get between implants and your gums as they can with dentures. 

While dental implants may not be the right choice for everyone looking to improve his or her smile, they offer a number of benefits over dentures, including their durability and their being permanently and securely fixed in the mouth. Contact a dental implant specialist for more information.


21 March 2016

Maximizing Your Smile Power

As a busy professional, my public appearance is very important to me. Networking with potential clients and business contacts is as much about the image you present as it is about what you do and what you know. I take care to look my best every day by taking special care with my hair, makeup, and clothes. But for a long time, I was embarrassed about my smile, and restricted myself to tight, closed mouth smiles to hide my yellowed, crooked teeth. Then I discovered what cosmetic dentistry could do for me. With the help of a great cosmetic dentist, I decided to have tooth whitening treatments and use corrective tooth straightening equipment. Now I have no problem flashing a big, white smile everywhere I go. You can do the same thing! Find out how cosmetic dentistry can maximize your smile power and improve your life.