Laser Dentistry | An Introduction For New Patients

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Laser technology has been used in many levels of medical treatment, but many people have no idea that laser technology is also used in some dentistry procedures. A laser used in medical procedures is a tool or instrument that provides an incredibly intense, tiny ray of light that can be used to remove, reshape, or cut certain bodily tissues. The pinpoint accuracy makes laser technology ideal for use in dentistry. If you have a dental appointment with a dentist who uses laser technology in the office for procedures, it is likely you have a few questions. Here are a few of the more common questions about laser use in dental procedures. 

What types of procedures is laser equipment used for in dentistry?

Laser treatment proves to be useful in an array of dental procedures. Primarily useful in treating a precise area, laser treatment is often reserved for intricate procedures that can be difficult to perform by hand. Some of the more common procedures that your dentist may use laser equipment to complete include:

  • removing an overgrowth of soft tissue in the mouth 
  • preparing soft tissue for crowns or implants
  • treating an oral infection 
  • opening the soft tissue over a partially grown wisdom tooth or molar 
  • performing a biopsy 
  • removing inflamed gum tissue 
  • making an incision for tooth extraction 
  • reducing the pain and inflammation of mouth sores or canker sores

Are there advantages that come along with using laser equipment for dental treatment?

There are several advantages that come along with the use of a laser to treat dental patients. Not only will your dentist be able to make incisions and changes to the soft tissue in your mouth with incredible accuracy, your healing process may be much faster. Incisions made with a laser are even cuts that heal nicely without a lot of scarring involved. Because laser treatment is quick, it is often also less painful than traditional dental work, which means you may not have to have anesthesia or localized injections for numbing a particular area before a procedure. 

Is laser treatment used for every patient with dental issues?

In most cases, laser treatment is an effective tool for use with patients of all ages, including children. However, not every procedure can benefit from the use of laser equipment. Therefore, the dentist may not always use a laser because traditional treatment will be much more cost-effective for the patient. Click here to learn more about laser dentistry.


15 May 2016

Maximizing Your Smile Power

As a busy professional, my public appearance is very important to me. Networking with potential clients and business contacts is as much about the image you present as it is about what you do and what you know. I take care to look my best every day by taking special care with my hair, makeup, and clothes. But for a long time, I was embarrassed about my smile, and restricted myself to tight, closed mouth smiles to hide my yellowed, crooked teeth. Then I discovered what cosmetic dentistry could do for me. With the help of a great cosmetic dentist, I decided to have tooth whitening treatments and use corrective tooth straightening equipment. Now I have no problem flashing a big, white smile everywhere I go. You can do the same thing! Find out how cosmetic dentistry can maximize your smile power and improve your life.