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When you are planning your wedding, you are entitled to every kind of makeover you wish: makeup, hair, wardrobe. Even your teeth can benefit from procedures finished before your wedding day. After all, when you wear a white dress, you don't want it to make your teeth look yellow in comparison. Before the big day, investigate what your dentist can do for you.


If the wedding is in a few days, you don't need to panic. A good cosmetic dentist can whiten your teeth in about two hours. Unlike the OTC items you buy, the dentist uses a professional-strength bleach. When this bleach is combined with a UV light, you can get beautiful wedding-white teeth in one afternoon. The dentist will apply a gel to protect your gums and then apply the bleach. You may need about three twenty minute treatments, but they are performed back to back, so no time is wasted. You can have this procedure done between the cake testing and bridal shoe shopping. 

If you are not so pressed for time, the dentist can give you a take-home kit that will produce excellent results over a period of a week or two. Either way, your smile will match your dress on your big day.


If your teeth are crooked, small, or simply unattractive, your dentist can apply veneers if you give him enough time before the ceremony. Porcelain veneers are thin tooth coverings that are permanently bonded to your teeth. They can improve the color, size, and shape of your teeth in as little as two weeks. However, you should schedule this procedure at least a month or two before the wedding in case any adjustments need to be made. If you are going to spend a fortune on the wedding, at least part of the budget should go to beautifying your teeth. Veneers can last up to twenty years if you maintain them properly. If you've always wanted a beautiful smile, why not make veneers your wedding present to yourself?

When you are getting married, you want everything to be perfect, especially your smile. Your teeth can outshine the wedding dress if you make a trip or two to a cosmetic dentist before you tie the knot. Remember, you only get to wear the wedding dress once, but investing in a lovely smile will have long-term benefits. Don't forget to take your partner with you so you can have matching smiles in the wedding photos. Visit for more information.   


22 June 2016

Maximizing Your Smile Power

As a busy professional, my public appearance is very important to me. Networking with potential clients and business contacts is as much about the image you present as it is about what you do and what you know. I take care to look my best every day by taking special care with my hair, makeup, and clothes. But for a long time, I was embarrassed about my smile, and restricted myself to tight, closed mouth smiles to hide my yellowed, crooked teeth. Then I discovered what cosmetic dentistry could do for me. With the help of a great cosmetic dentist, I decided to have tooth whitening treatments and use corrective tooth straightening equipment. Now I have no problem flashing a big, white smile everywhere I go. You can do the same thing! Find out how cosmetic dentistry can maximize your smile power and improve your life.