Do You Love Lemon Juice? Take These Precautions So It Doesn't Erode Your Enamel

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Discoloration, sensitivity, and transparency are all classic signs of enamel erosion. Enamel erosion isn't just a cosmetic problem; it also makes your teeth more susceptible to bacterial attack and decay. This is what you will be facing if you regularly drink lemon water. Take these precautions to ensure that your love for lemon juice doesn't destroy your teeth:

Take It Cold

If you are used to drinking warm lemon water, taking it cold will mitigate its erosive effect on your teeth. It is the lemon's acid that reacts with your teeth's enamel and erodes it away. Warm water extracts more of the acid than cold water. Therefore, using cold water for your lemonade reduces your teeth's exposure to the acid.

Don't Brush Immediately

Don't brush your teeth immediately after drinking lemon juice. Some acid may still be on your teeth's surfaces, and brushing will only worsen the problem. Wait a few minutes, say thirty, before brushing. To dilute the acid in your mouth, take a drink of plain water immediately after drinking the lemon juice; or you can just use swish a little water in your mouth and spit it out. 

Eat Acid-Neutralizing Foods after the Lemon Juice

Eating or drinking foods that neutralize the lemon acid will also protect your teeth from erosion. Good examples are dairy products, such as plain yogurt or cheese. An added advantage of dairy products is that they contain ingredients that remineralise your teeth, such as phosphorus and calcium.

Use a Straw

The more juice touches your teeth's surfaces, the more acid will touch them and the more damage you will experience. Reduce the corrosive effect of the juice by not letting it touch your teeth, for example, by drinking through a straw.

Try Essential Lemon Oil Instead

If you are taking lemon juice for its health benefits, and not for its taste, then you might not need the juice at all. Many of the health benefits of lemon come from its oil, which is contained in the peel. Fortunately, the peel doesn't contain acid that is responsible for eroding teeth enamel. Therefore, you may still be able to enjoy these health benefits without drinking lemon juice. Just check that the benefit you seek comes from the oil before making the switch.

Hopefully, the measures above will protect your teeth from lemon-induced enamel erosion. Don't forget to brush and floss daily; these two dental practices will go a long way in preventing a host of dental problems. If you already have eroded enamel, for example, if your teeth are extremely sensitive, consult a dentist (such as one from Milner Dentistry) for an appropriate solution, such as dental crowning.  


8 July 2016

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