2 Denture Cleaning Tips To Cure Halitosis While Wearing Dentures

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Struggling with bad breath without wearing any dental devices can be a challenge. It can be difficult to find the root of your bad breath and can quickly become frustrating. If you wear dentures and suffer from bad breath, it is a lot easier to pinpoint where the issue is coming from. This is due to the fact that dentures harbor a number of contaminants and food debris. If these contaminants are not completely removed, then this can result in halitosis or even a bacteria infection. Halitosis is often the result of poor dental hygiene when wearing dentures. This can be resolved by improving your denture cleaning habits. Fortunately, there are a few tips to help you achieve this.

Use a Sonic Denture Cleanser

Your dentist will recommend that you clean your dentures after each meal using a denture brush. While a denture brush is great for removing surface bacteria and debris, it does not remove bacteria that seeps into the denture material. A sonic denture cleaner is a more intensive cleaning unit that will effectively remove bacteria buildup that your toothbrush cannot remove. A sonic cleanser usually works in cycles, and each cycle lasts for a few minutes. You can use the cleanser by placing the denture in the device and setting a cleaning cycle. Start off by using the denture cleanser every few days in addition to your normal oral care routine. If you do not notice a difference, then the device can be used every other day.

Soak Your Dentures in an Antibacterial Rinse When Not in Your Mouth

When your dentures are not in your mouth, they should always be soaked in water or denture solution. This is done to prevent your dentures from drying out. However, you should consider soaking your dentures in an antibacterial rinse when they are not in your mouth. An antibacterial rinse will help to kill off bacteria growth that is still left on your dentures. This will help to prevent bacteria infections and rid your mouth of bad breath. You can purchase a commercial antibacterial rinse from the store and pour it into a cup. Place your dentures into the cup and only remove it when you are ready to place the dentures back into your mouth.

A solid denture cleaning routine is the best way to get control of your halitosis. Therefore, use these tips in your next denture cleaning session in order to help freshen up your breath. Contact a professional like McMillin Jeff DDS for more information.


27 July 2016

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