Holiday Headaches: How to Enjoy Holiday Food with Dentures

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and with them come all of the delicious food that are so enjoyable this time of year. However, it can be very frustrating for those with dentures to enjoy all of the wonderful goodies that come along with the season. If you think you will have problems eating all of the delicious foods you love so much this holiday, think again! The following tips will help you eat the things you like while still wearing your dentures:

Use a Fork

Yes, you use a fork to eat regularly, but using a fork with foods that are traditionally handheld can be helpful when you are wearing dentures. For instance, you can chop up the raw vegetable crudité platter into smaller pieces and pierce them with a fork rather than biting down on them. To avoid standing out, you can have two platters—one with veggies cut to regular size and another with smaller cut pieces. Add a delicious fondue and some dipping skewers, and you will have a festive and fun treat for everyone to enjoy along with you.

Drink Extra Water

The holidays are notorious for luxurious, dense foods. Dense food like heavy breads and desserts are more easily chewed if you follow each bite with a sip of water. This is also helpful for tougher cuts of meat. The water will help the food break down more quickly and become easier to chew. The same concept works for sticky foods as well, which are often a no-no for denture wearers.

Poultry Over Beef

If you have an opportunity to choose poultry as your meat over beef, consider doing so. Poultry is less tough than beef and much easier to chew. Roasted turkey or chicken are great options and are especially prevalent this time of year. If the poultry is served on the bone, be sure to pull it off the bone to eat it rather than pulling the meat off with your teeth.

Holiday times can be a frustrating time for denture wearers, but these tips will help you enjoy your favorite holiday dishes. Remember that the type of dishes you have will also affect your eating habits. Some may have no issue eating food in its regular form while others will have a bit more trouble. If you are unsure about what you will be able to eat this holiday season, be sure to talk to a dentist like Michele A Bibeau DDS to discuss your options.


22 September 2016

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