Benefits And Drawbacks Of Different Types Of Artificial Teeth

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Are your teeth less than perfect? Do you need to have one or more teeth replaced with artificial ones? Choosing to have your teeth replaced with better ones can be a life-changing decision for you. Not only will you no longer have to deal with dental pain, you may actually find your health improving. But deciding whether to go with dentures, bridges, or dental implants isn't always an easy choice. To help you make your decision, here are some things that you should know about each type of artificial teeth:

Bridges: Bridges are one or more artificial teeth that are held in your mouth by being anchored to your existing teeth. A permanent bridge will look very natural and it's unlikely that anyone will be able to tell that you have any false teeth. While bridges aren't for everyone, they are great for use in certain situations, such as when your teeth aren't in good enough condition to anchor permanent bridges or you don't have enough teeth missing to make dental implants worth the expense to you. Modern bridges can last for many years with proper care, so you need not be concerned about them needing to be replaced as often as you might need to replace a set of dentures.

Dentures: Dentures are a relatively inexpensive option when you have many teeth that need to be replaced. Unfortunately, even the best dentures may not last as long as you might hope. Once your teeth have been removed, the bone that surrounded the teeth will start to degrade and dissolve, changing your gum shape. As a result, you may need to get your dentures relined or completely redone every few years. If you are relatively young when you need to have dentures, the cost of denture supplies and having them redone every few years can make this a costly option.

Dental implants: With implants, once your teeth have been removed, a set of anchors will be inserted in their place. These are typically made of titanium and are evenly spaced around your jaw bone. Once you've healed, your new teeth will snap onto these anchors which will hold them in place. While these artificial teeth may look similar to dentures, their behavior will more closely mimic your natural teeth. The anchors will provide appropriate stress to your jawbones, helping to keep them strong and prevent them from dissolving. As a result, dental implants may actually last you for decades. Although initially expensive, this longetivity can actually make the cost lower than dentures when you compare everything over a period of years.

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7 February 2017

Maximizing Your Smile Power

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