Helping A Child Through Their Fear Of The Dentist

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A family dentist is necessary for protecting the dental health of children. Unfortunately, many children are afraid of the dentist. Managing this fear requires a careful and studied approach. Here is how just about any parent can manage this problem.

The Causes Of Dental Fear In Children

Children who are afraid of the dentist are likely afraid due to the pain they have felt at some visits. Often, children have an innate fear of pain that can seriously affect their psychological development. Even if this fear is exaggerated or excessive, it can be difficult for the child to get through life with it. While fear of pain is the most likely culprit when children show dentist fear, it isn't the only influence that may be occurring here. Other factors that can scare a child include:

  • The appearance of the dental instruments
  • A strange or overbearing dentist
  • Poor preparation on their first visit
  • Stories told by family members or friends
  • Being teased about visiting the dentist
  • Separation anxiety from a parent

These fears can be difficult to manage because they require that a parent work hand-in-hand with the family dentist. The child's fear of the dentist may make it difficult for them to even go to the office, but it is possible to beat their fear with work.

Helping Them Break This Fear

There are a few ways parents can break or manage a child's fear of the dentist. These include the following methods:

  • Be honest with them – Telling them the family dentist visit won't hurt at all is a lie. Let them know it will hurt a little, but that you'll be there for them.
  • Take them to a pediatric dentist – Child-specific dentists require more training (up to three years) so that they understand how to work with children in a way that minimizes fear and pain.
  • Sit in the room with them – Most dentists will allow parents to sit with their child and hold their hand if they are afraid. If not, go to a different dentist.
  • Let the dentist do their job – Parents sitting in with the dentist are likely to feel the need to "back seat drive" them while they work. This is a bad idea – it shows the child that the parent doesn't trust the dentist and will increase their fear of them.
  • Find a dentist the child likes – Some dentists are better with children than others and finding one that the child likes, and going only to them, makes the child more comfortable.

These simple methods are easy to implement and work as a powerful method for helping a child feel more comfortable at the dentist. They should be used with children who struggle at the dentist and who need a little help getting through their fear. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Crest Hill Family Dental.


7 February 2017

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