Sensitive Teeth? What You Can Do About It

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If you have sensitive teeth, it can be a bit of a pain. Trying to avoid certain foods that are too hot or too cold, chewing on just one side of your mouth, or feeling pain each and every time you eat can all be painful. It's not fun living life that way. You want to enjoy food without feeling pain or needing to avoid foods that you love. See below for tips on how to handle sensitive teeth:

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth are caused by a number of different things. Usually, it's because the roots are exposed on the tooth, causing the painful sensation every time air, hot/cold or other foods touch your tooth. You could also have sensitive teeth due to a cavity or other enamel related issue.

What You Can Do

1. See The Dentist

If you begin to have sensitive teeth, it's important to see the dentist right away to be sure you don't have any cavities or roots exposed. If there is a much bigger issue happening with your teeth, your dentist should know about it. Make an appointment right away for a cleaning, check-up, and x-rays.

2. Switch Toothpaste

Change your toothpaste to a sensitive toothpaste to help alleviate pain. Over time, with its use, your teeth will become less sensitive. Be sure to also switch to a soft bristle toothbrush, rather than a harsher toothbrush. There are a number of toothpaste brands that offer sensitive toothpaste options. Ask your dentist which brand is best for you. You can also look for mouthwash for sensitive teeth as well. Be sure to brush twice daily for at least two minutes. Also, remember to floss daily as well.

3. Change Your Diet

If you drink a lot of sweetened/sugary drinks, eat candy, or drink hot beverages such as coffee/tea, it's time to change these out for healthier options. Drink more water, and switch to unsweetened tea. If you eat a lot of acidic foods (lemons, limes or oranges), change these out for something else such as apple juice instead of orange juice. If you are a tobacco user, stop using it. It will prevent further damage to your teeth and is better for your health overall. Swap out chewing gum for sugar-free varieties as well.

4. Limit Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening can cause your teeth to become sensitive. If you whiten your teeth often, try to cut back on whitening treatments to just one time per week. If they continue to be sensitive, try cutting back to just one or two treatments per month. 

Sensitive teeth is not a fun issue to have to deal with. Contact a local dentist office like Cross Creek Family Dental for more information and assistance.


22 July 2017

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