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Pediatric dental care is one of the more stressful aspects of parenting due to new parents being ill prepared for this part of raising a child. While there are many parenting courses for almost any aspect of raising a child, many new parents may find that they receive little information about pediatric dental care. To avoid letting your child suffer from dental issues, you should take the time to thoroughly educate yourself about this important health topic.

How Do You Clean a Baby's Gums?

While your child may not get teeth for some time, it is still important for you to regularly clean their gums. Failing to keep your child's gums clean can contribute to infections, gum disease, and other uncomfortable problems. While you cannot use a toothbrush or toothpaste for this task, you will be able to easily clean your child's gums by using a damp and sanitized cloth to wipe any tartar or food particles that are on the gums. Ideally, you should do this twice a day so that these substances spend as little time in contact with the gums as possible.

What Can Be Done to Better Manage the Teething Period?

The period of time when your child's teeth are first developing can be extremely unpleasant for both you and your child. The sensation of the teeth working their way through the gums can cause your child to experience intense pain, which can cause them to be extremely fussy. If you find that your child is experiencing discomfort during the teeth phase, there are a couple of simple tricks that may help to greatly reduce the discomfort that your child is experiencing. Gently massaging your child's gums can be an excellent way of relieving this pressure, but you should ensure your hands are as clean as possible before doing this. Also, placing a cold cloth on the gums can help to numb them.

When Will You Know Whether Your Child Needs Braces?

Having straight teeth will be important for your child's appearance, and this can have a major impact on their sense of self-esteem. Correcting teeth that are not perfectly straight may not be as difficult as you would anticipate, because there are many different types of braces and retainers that can be used. Typically, you will only need to start thinking about braces once the adult teeth have started to emerge. However, you may want to periodically have your child's teeth inspected by an orthodontist as they will be able to help you decide the optimal time for starting these treatments.

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10 August 2017

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