Avoidable Reasons Why Your Child's Teeth May Become Crooked

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Some children have crooked teeth due to the natural structure of their palates. However, crooked teeth may also develop for other reasons. Here are a few avoidable reasons that your child's teeth may become misaligned:


If your child only uses a pacifier for a short period, the device is not likely to affect the alignment of the little one's teeth. However, a child who continues to use a pacifier after his or her permanent teeth begin to present may incur problems with crooked teeth. 

Sucking on the device can place significant pressure on the front incisors, causing the teeth in the front center of the mouth to jut forward in a bucked configuration. Additionally, the bottom front teeth may be forced backward, causing an overbite.

To lessen the chance of alignment problems from a pacifier, it is best to wean the child from the device before he or she starts to shed teeth. Your child may miss the device for a period, but its removal should be fairly straight forward.

Thumb Sucking

A thumb-sucking habit may start in the womb and continue throughout childhood. Like the pacifier, a thumb can place pressure on the front center teeth, altering the proper alignment.

In addition, a thumb can place a great amount of force on the upper palate. This force can push the roof of the mouth upward and narrow the palate. As a result, the side teeth of the upper palate may not meet those of the lower palate when the child's mouth is closed. 

Unlike a pacifier, a thumb cannot simply be hidden away or removed from your home. To help your child overcome thumb sucking, try the following:

  • Coat the thumb with a bitter substance
  • Give the child healthy snacks or gum to occupy his or her mouth
  • Offer small toys that keep tiny thumbs occupied
  • Cover the child's hand with a glove

Decay in Primary Teeth

Tooth decay can cause a primary tooth to be lost or extracted before its time. As a result, space may be left in the child's mouth for a lengthy period, permitting the other teeth in your little one's mouth to shift.

When the child's adult teeth finally begin to present, crowding may occur. There may be too little room for the permanent teeth to present unobstructed.

Tooth decay can be avoided through proper brushing and flossing. In addition, the child should visit his or her dentist regularly.

For more information about helping your child's teeth remain in proper alignment, schedule an appointment with a dentist in your local area. Contact a dental office like Plymouth Valley Dental Group for more information and assistance. 


8 September 2017

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