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Individuals that have suffered the loss of many of their teeth will likely find that it can be embarrassing to need to smile, and they may experience problems when speaking, drinking and eating. Hybrid dentures can be an excellent solution for those that need to replace many of their teeth but want an option that is more secure than traditional dentures but less expensive than a full mouth of implants.

How Will A Hybrid Denture Be Different From Traditional Dentures?

When a patient has traditional dentures, they will be fitted for a prosthetic that is designed to rest on top of the gums. A series of false teeth will be attached to this prosthetic, which will improve the appearance and functionality of the mouth. In contrast, hybrid dentures incorporate dental implants to secure them in position. As a result, patients with this type of denture will find that it is far less likely to come loose at embarrassing or inconvenient times.  

Why Will It Take So Long For Your Hybrid Dentures To Be Installed?

Individuals will often be shocked to learn that the process of getting hybrid dentures can take many months to complete. However, this is a necessity as the implant that will serve to anchor the implant in place must have sufficient time to bond to the jaw before it will be able to support the weight of the dentures. During the course of these procedures, you may be given a set of temporary dentures. During this time, you will need to be sure that you are closely following the instructions of your dentist so that the implant and jawbone will fuse as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

How Should You Care For Your New Hybrid Dentures?

The type of care that your new dentures will require will largely depend on the type of hybrid denture that you opted to receive. For example, there are some hybrid dentures that will be designed to be removed at the end of the day. These dentures will need to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day and soaked in a sanitizing solution during the overnight hours. In contrast, it is possible to opt for permanent hybrid dentures. This style of denture will need to be brushed and flossed as you would natural teeth. Furthermore, these dentures should be serviced and inspected each year to ensure that they have avoided damage or other complications that will need to be addressed.

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10 October 2017

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