The Surprising Advantage of Partial Dentures Over Bridges

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When you've had multiple teeth fall out next to each other, you have quite a few options to select from to replace those teeth. While a bridge might seem like the perfect solution, it might surprise you to learn that bridges come with some drawbacks. Keep reading to discover what these drawbacks are and why you should pick partial dentures instead.

The Problems With Dental Bridges

Dental bridges get their name from acting like a bridge between teeth. The false teeth are part of the bridge, and that bridge is held in place with wires or metal brackets to hold the bridge in place. Unfortunately, this exact design can cause some problems.

While dental bridges do hold replacement teeth in place, they can cause damage to the surrounding support teeth. These teeth have pressure put on them whenever your replacement teeth experience a strain. Biting, chewing, or any sort of injury to your jaw or teeth can potentially lead to damage on your healthy surrounding teeth. Initially, you won't experience pain or even discomfort from this process. However, teeth can become crooked or experience enamel damage due to the pressure of the bridge constantly pulling or pushing on the tooth. Over time, you might need dental care to replace that damage.

In addition, bridges require a little extra work to keep clean in comparison to your original teeth. Although bridges are artificial and can't experience tooth decay, the surrounding structure of your gums and teeth can still experience infections and decay. Unfortunately, if you want to do the best for your gums and other teeth, you'll need to put in extra effort when flossing.

How Dentures Are Better

Dentures are a time-honored replacement for missing teeth, and there's a reason for that: they work well.

Partial dentures don't put any pressure on surrounding teeth because they don't rely on nearby teeth to support them. Dentures are adhered with adhesive to your gums, which leaves your healthy teeth free from risk of damage.

In addition, dentures can simply be removed to clean them. With your dentures placed in a soak for the night, you can floss and brush your teeth the way you normally would, with no need to learn an alternate flossing method.

Dentures are a great pick if you're looking for a replacement for your missing teeth. If you were considering a bridge or already have one, consider talking to an experienced dentist, such as Dental Studios of MacArthur, to see if a set of partial dentures will solve your dental problem.


7 November 2017

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