3 Tips For Choosing Between Dentures And Dental Implants

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When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you have two different options. You can either get full or partial dentures, or you can have dental implants put in. Dentures are essentially a set of teeth that you place against your gums using a special denture glue. In contrast, dental implants are essentially a screw that is put into your bone, and a dental crown is then placed on it. Both allow you to speak and chew properly, and they look like your natural teeth. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to choose between the two. Here are 3 tips for choosing between dentures and dental implants.

Consider How Many Teeth Are Missing

A big thing to take into consideration when choosing between dentures and dental implants is considering how many teeth are missing. If you are only missing a few teeth, then dental implants are likely a better option because each implant is essentially one tooth. However, if you are missing a great deal of teeth on either the top of your mouth, the bottom of your mouth, or both, then dentures may be better suited to fill these larger empty spaces.

See What Your Insurance Covers 

Before you make any permanent decisions, it is important that you contact your insurance to see what they cover. They may cover dental implants, but they may not cover dentures, or vice versa. Also, you could potentially get full coverage on one and only partial coverage on the other one. This can go a long ways in helping you choose between the two because you may end up only being able to afford one option. 

Talk In Detail With Your Dentist 

An excellent way to get a great deal of information about both dentures and dental implants is to speak with your dentist. They will tell you about the pros and cons of each and will likely have actual models of each to show you. This can give you a better idea of exactly what to expect because you can actually touch and feel the dentures and implants. You can also ask your dentist any questions that you have regarding things like caring for either of them, how long the process takes for each, etc. 

When choosing between dentures and dental implants, you should take into consideration how many teeth are missing, see what your insurance will cover, and talk in detail to your dentist about both options. 

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5 January 2018

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