3 Perks of Using Dental Sleep Apnea Appliances

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Having sleep apnea can be a major hindrance to anyone who's trying to sleep—both the sufferer and their roommates alike. Whether you're currently treating your sleep apnea with a noisy CPAP machine or not getting treatment at all, a dental sleep apnea appliance may be exactly what you're looking for. Read on to learn the three ways dental sleep apnea appliances are superior to every other method of treating this disorder.

They Don't Require Electricity

If you've ever seen a CPAP machine, you know that they rely upon electricity. If you have a major power outage or you want to go somewhere that doesn't readily have access to electricity, like on a camping trip, you can't easily use your CPAP machine. This is where dental sleep apnea appliances are simply better.

Dental sleep apnea appliances are able to help keep your airway open and encourage freely-flowing oxygen through the night without needing electricity. If you have enough light to find and pop your sleep apnea appliance into your mouth, you're already set for the night.

They Aren't Loud

Having sleep apnea can be a double-edged sword when it comes to noise. CPAP machines help you to breathe and stop snoring, but they're noisy. Going without them is even noisier, and bad for your health. Either way, the noise can wake you up and anyone else who's sharing your living space or bed.

Sleep apnea dental appliances don't have moving parts or any way to make noise at all. They keep your airway open and you stop snoring. Switching to a dental sleep apnea appliance can make your night much more restful.

You Don't Have to Fix Your Makeup or Shave

Finally, one major advantage for sleep apnea sufferers is that sleep apnea dental devices fit inside your mouth, not outside it. CPAP masks can mess up your makeup or cause breakouts due to sweat building up around the mask all night long. If you have a beard, you might have to shave it off or cut it short in order for the mask to form a tight seal around your mouth.

Since sleep apnea dental devices are internal, you don't need to worry about any of this. Whether you want to sleep in your makeup or you want to let a beard grow freely, you can do it easily with a sleep apnea dental device.

Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition to have and requires medical attention. Talk to your doctor and dentist if you're interested in getting medical treatment for your condition with a dental device. To learn more about sleep apnea machines, contact services such as Jerry C Hu DDS Family Dentistry LLC.


2 March 2018

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