How To Baby Your Teeth During Pregnancy

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Taking care of yourself while pregnant is important; that's why you take extra vitamins and take care to avoid dangerous situations. One thing that some pregnant women fail to take into account is their oral health, however. That small area of your body can have a surprisingly large effect on the state of your general health, so read on to learn more about how to baby your teeth during pregnancy.

Gum Disease

You might not realize it, but the state of your gums can affect your general health and the health of your unborn child. You may already know that your pregnancy is kept vital by the rise and fall of important hormones in your body. Progesterone, in particular, rises in pregnant women and this hormone can affect the health of your gums by making infections more likely. If you are suddenly noticing a bit of blood when you brush, then progesterone could be to blame. Unfortunately, this type of thing can progress from a simple case of gingivitis to something far more dangerous.


If left untreated, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis; this gum disease is not only uncomfortable with its painful swelling and tenderness of the gums but can actually spark production of yet another hormone associated with labor, prostaglandin. Preterm labor is a real danger in many ways, so address this issue early on by seeking help from your dentist at the first sign of blood, pain or swelling in the gum area. This is an entirely treatable and preventable pregnancy-related oral health issue.

Morning Sickness

Not only is this common pregnancy-related malady annoying and uncomfortable, it can actually cause damage to your teeth. When you vomit you may be bringing stomach acids into contact with your teeth, and this contact can damage your enamel over time. Damaged enamel can lead to breaks, chips, cracks, and eventually cavities. Don't leave off your usual visit to the dentist during this busy time; a minor chip or crack can be repaired and save you from having to undergo a more extensive procedure later on. Left untreated you may be in for cavity filling and even root canals after your baby is born.

Your Dentist Needs to Know

There's no need to postpone things like your regular cleanings. Just be sure to let the office staff, hygienist and dentist know about your condition ahead of time. Dental professionals know all-too-well how pregnancy can affect your oral health and will be able to work with you to minimize exposure to things like dental x rays, surgeries, and antibiotic use. For example, you should avoid at all costs taking tetracycline, which can damage your baby's teeth. While x rays are deemed safe, you might want to put those off if possible.

This exciting time is not the time to overlook this area of health, so see a dental office like Brookside Dental Associate for a check-up and stay healthy from top to bottom.


26 May 2018

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