The Effects Of Not Replacing A Missing Tooth

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Getting a tooth knocked out or extracted will leave you with a gap in your mouth. While you might not care a lot about the way it looks, you should care about the effects it will have on your oral health. Missing a tooth does not simply look bad, but it will actually lead to other types of problems. Here are three of the problems you should be aware of.

You will lose your nice smile

Even if you do not mind the way it looks with a missing tooth, you may start caring if your teeth begin shifting. When a mouth contains a gap, the teeth will naturally try to fill the gap that is there. To do this, they will shift. If you have gone through orthodontic treatment in the past, you could lose the nice smile that you once had, simply because you have a gap in your mouth.

You may experience problems eating or talking

The second effect you may experience from this is problems as you try to eat or speak. To enunciate sounds, your tongue must touch your teeth in certain ways, and this is not even something you ever realize until you are missing a tooth and the sounds are not coming out right. Additionally, with a missing tooth, you will need to chew your food in areas of your mouth where you have all your teeth. If you try to chew where you have a gap, it will not work right, and it could end up damaging your gums.

Your jawbone will deteriorate quickly

The other main effect that you probably do not know about is the loss of jawbone you will experience just from not having one of your teeth. For your jawbone to stay strong and dense, it needs the movement of teeth. When you chew, your teeth stimulate the jawbone, and this is what actually keeps the bone strong. Within just one year of losing a tooth and not replacing it, you will lose a significant amount of bone in that area of your mouth, and this is not something you can easily replace.

If you do not want to suffer from these consequences, you should visit a dentist to find out what dental treatment services you could choose from for replacing your missing tooth. Contact a dental clinic to learn more or to schedule an appointment with a dentist.


22 August 2018

Maximizing Your Smile Power

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