Three Signs That One Of Your Fillings Has Come Loose

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When you have a cavity and you visit the dentist so that he or she can fill the tooth, you'll generally have the filling for a long time and may quickly forget that you even have it. It's important, however, to always be able to identify the signs that you've lost a filling because if this issue takes place, you'll need to react quickly by calling your dentist and explaining the emergency. If you've never had a filling come loose, you should watch for these signs that can indicate some sort of trouble with one of your fillings.

Feeling The Filling Physically In Your Mouth

A few different things can happen when a filling comes loose. Since this issue will usually happen while you're eating, you may simply swallow the filling and not realize that there's a problem. In other cases, you'll be aware of something that is extremely hard floating around in your mouth. Your first reaction might be that there was a pit or a pebble in your food, and you may thus spit your food into the garbage. However, you should always assess the reason for this unexpected sensation in your mouth. If you spit your food into your hand and notice what appears to be a filling, you need to call your dentist.

Sudden Tooth Sensitivity

People can get sensitive teeth for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a sensitive tooth will appear when you're eating something cold such as ice cream and then go away shortly after you finish the snack. If you've had a filling pop out, you're apt to notice a lot of sensitivity. This is because the filling is no longer protecting the tooth, and the drilled-out inside of the tooth is now exposed. This sensitivity can be uncomfortable enough that you immediately suspect that something is wrong, which can compel you to take action.

Change In Pressure

Another way to describe the feeling that you may experience upon losing a filling is a change in pressure in your mouth. When you're sitting without anything in your mouth and you make yourself aware of how your mouth feels, this will generally be a familiar feeling. However, if you've lost a filling, you may feel that your mouth feels differently. For example, there will now be a small void in one of your teeth that is exposed, and this can cause a significantly different sensation.

If you have a loose filling, contact a dentistry clinic like Lake Pleasant Dentistry as soon as possible.


5 February 2019

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