Having Anxiety? 3 Things To Do Before You Go To The Dentist

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Going to the dentist makes a lot of people nervous. If you feel like you keep putting off having your teeth cleaned or examined because you're so nervous about going to the dentist, there are several things that you can do. Because the American Dental Association recommends that you get your teeth cleaned every six months, it's important that you try to push your fears aside somehow so that you avoid cavities and gum disease. But how can you put your anxiety and fears aside? Read on to learn a few tips. 

1. Take Deep Breaths

It may sound simple, but it actually works. As you are sitting in the waiting room to be seen by your dentist, start taking some deep breaths. By slowly inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, you can increase your blood circulation which may help to calm down your anxiety and make you feel calmer. Then as you are sitting in your dentist chair, try doing the same thing; that way you can remain calm throughout your entire cleaning. 

2. Ask Your Dentist to Talk You Through Everything

The unknown and the what-ifs of what is going to happen during your dental appointment may be enough to throw you over the edge. Try calling your dentist office beforehand and explain to them that you are having anxiety. Then, ask the dentist if he or she can talk you through everything during your appointment. This sort of explanation can help calm your nerves and make you feel more in control of what's going on with your body and when.

3. Ask About Sedation Dentistry

Another thing that you can talk to your dentist's office about is sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is a new form of dentistry that's designed to help patients, like you, deal with all forms of anxiety. For instance, if you have mild anxiety, your dentist may be able to give you laughing gas. Whereas if you have extreme anxiety and you are having a procedure like a root canal done, they may be able to use anesthesia. Talk to your dentist to see what kinds of sedation dentistry (if any) that they offer. 

As you can see, there are a variety of different ways that you can handle your dental anxiety so that you don't have to miss a cleaning. Remember that having your teeth cleaned is something that you have to get done and that your dentist can work with you on your anxiety. 


26 February 2019

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