Tips To Make Your Tooth Whitening Last Longer

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Teeth naturally yellow as a person ages, but you can significantly brighten your smile by visiting a cosmetic dentist. At a cosmetic dental office, you can undergo professional bleaching treatments. The results from these treatments can last a long time, but you can extend your results with a few tips.

Avoid Smoking

The tar and nicotine in tobacco products can build up on your enamel and cause your teeth to develop yellow or brown undertones. If you smoke less frequently or quit the habit altogether, you can extend the results of your whitening. Plus, you'll have better oral health overall.

Avoid Staining Foods

Certain foods and drinks, like berries, wines, tomato-based foods, coffee, etc. can cause staining. If you don't mind adjusting your diet, ask your dentist about which foods you should avoid so that you can extend your whitening results.

Use Prescribed Whitening Trays/Syringes

Since it isn't always possible to go to your dentist for full whitening, he or she may prescribe bleaching trays or syringes that you can use for touch-ups at home. These aren't like over-the-counter bleaching systems. They often have stronger whitening agents, so you should only use them as often as your dentist recommends.

Stay on Top of Regular Check-ups

Stay on top of your preventative dental appointments. During these visits, dental assistants and hygienists can polish your teeth. Coronal polishing pastes contain abrasives that remove debris and discoloration, thus extending the length of your whitening.

Chew Sugar-free Gum

Studies have shown that chewing gum can neutralize the acids in oral bacteria, meaning that this habit can keep your enamel clear of decay. Since plaque can stain the enamel, chewing sugar-free gum can extend the life of your whitening treatments.

Don't Brush too Hard or Grind Your Teeth

Underneath your enamel, you have a porous layer of yellow tissue called dentin. Again, as you age, your teeth tend to darken or look yellow because the underlying dentin starts to show through. However, if you brush too hard or grind your teeth, you can actually wear down your enamel quickly and reveal that dentin even more. To make sure that your teeth remain as white as possible, be sure to gently brush your teeth with a soft-bristled brush. Also, if you grind your teeth, be sure to wear a mouth-guard as you sleep. By correcting these habits, your cosmetic whitening treatments will last longer.

Keep these tips in mind for a whiter smile. For more information on bleaching or cosmetic dentistry, contact a professional in your area today.


23 October 2019

Maximizing Your Smile Power

As a busy professional, my public appearance is very important to me. Networking with potential clients and business contacts is as much about the image you present as it is about what you do and what you know. I take care to look my best every day by taking special care with my hair, makeup, and clothes. But for a long time, I was embarrassed about my smile, and restricted myself to tight, closed mouth smiles to hide my yellowed, crooked teeth. Then I discovered what cosmetic dentistry could do for me. With the help of a great cosmetic dentist, I decided to have tooth whitening treatments and use corrective tooth straightening equipment. Now I have no problem flashing a big, white smile everywhere I go. You can do the same thing! Find out how cosmetic dentistry can maximize your smile power and improve your life.