Addressing The Dental Issues Your Child May Face

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A child's mouth will undergo extreme changes as they age. These changes can make it a reality that children will typically have different dental care needs than adults. As a result, it is important for a parent to be prepared for the types of dental problems that their child can experience.

Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments can be a part of childhood and adolescence for many people. As a child's teeth grow and develop, they can come out of alignment, which may lead to crooked teeth, gaps, and crowding. These issues can have a serious cosmetic effect while also negatively impacting the child's ability to speak and chew. Additionally, extreme orthodontic issues can even lead to pain and discomfort. Periodic orthodontic assessments will need to be a part of your child's healthcare routine so that these developmental issues can be addressed early.

Injuries And Infections

Unfortunately, children can be extremely prone to suffering injuries from accidents. When these injuries impact their mouths, it can be necessary to seek prompt dental treatment. A broken or missing tooth can lead to serious dental issues later, so it should be addressed quickly. For example, a broken tooth can cause a serious infection to develop. Additionally, missing teeth can make the chances of your child developing spacing problems much higher as the teeth may shift to fill the gap created by the missing tooth. Luckily, there are many children's dental care specialists that can provide emergency treatment options that will ensure your child's dental issue gets the attention it needs as quickly as possible.

Gum Disorders

While it is easy to focus attention on the potential problems that teeth can develop, it is important to appreciate the need to address the various gum issues that can arise. A common example of this can be gum disease due to the child having poor brushing and flossing habits. Treating this condition can be essential for ensuring that the child's adult teeth will develop correctly. Gums that are too high or low can be another issue that can be encountered, and it can damage the teeth. Gums that are too low can fail to protect the base and root of the tooth, which can increase the risk of it being lost due to decay. Conversely, gums that are too high can damage teeth by making it harder for them to be cleaned. Gum contouring is a treatment that can mitigate these issues so that they will be unlikely to cause problems for your child.

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31 August 2020

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