5 Problems With Keeping A Temporary Dental Crown For Too Long

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A temporary dental crown is designed to cover and protect a tooth while a permanent crown is created in a dental lab. And sometimes, a dentist will protect a tooth with a temporary crown until a patient can afford a permanent dental crown. But temporary crowns are more fragile and less reliable than permanent crowns. Keeping a temporary crown in for too long could cause problems.

In general, it takes about two weeks for a permanent crown to be ready. A temporary crown should last two weeks. But if you keep a temporary dental crown in for too long, a number of problems could arise.

1. Tooth decay

Dentists use a weaker adhesive to keep temporary dental crowns in place. This helps them remove the temporary crowns easily when the time comes to place the permanent dental crown. The weaker dental cement wears out over time, and this leaves gaps for oral bacteria to enter the space under the dental crown. The oral bacteria will then attack the tooth structure and cause tooth decay.

2. Tooth fracture

Temporary dental crowns are not designed to withstand hard foods, especially over a long period of time. If you continue to chew food with a temporary crown, you risk damaging the fragile tooth structure under the crown. In severe cases, damage to the tooth structure means that a permanent crown is no longer an option.

3. Crown deterioration

The materials that make up temporary crowns—usually metal or acrylic—are not strong enough to last for more than a few weeks. Using a temporary crown like a permanent crown will cause the crown to gradually deteriorate, affecting its appearance and functionality.

4. Crown detachment

The weak cement used for temporary crowns coupled with gradual deterioration could cause a temporary crown to detach from a tooth. If the crown falls out or you swallow it, you may then be left with nothing to protect the exposed tooth. This could lead to tooth sensitivity and tooth decay.

5. Crown staining

Permanent dental crowns that are made of porcelain don't stain very easily. However, temporary crowns do stain over time. If your crown is visible when you open your mouth or smile, it will have a negative impact on your appearance.

Keeping a temporary dental crown in for too long could cause a number of costly dental problems. Always replace a temporary dental crown with a permanent dental crown within a few weeks.

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7 October 2022

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