Signs You Need To Go To The Dentist For Your Bad Breath

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You might not immediately think of your dentist when you have bad breath. Rather, you think of chewing gum, mouthwash, and making sure you brush your teeth all the time. Bad breath is a social problem, not a dental one, right?

Wrong — when you have bad breath, you have a dental condition, plain and simple. This is because bad breath is caused by bacteria and debris in your mouth, or can be caused by a sinus infection. All of these things are actually potential dental issues that need to be addressed as soon as you can get an appointment with your dentist.

If you can manage your bad breath by brushing your teeth and flossing, terrific. Simply continue with your regular dentist appointments and let your dentist know if your bad breath comes back or gets worse. However, here are signs you need to go to the dentist for your bad breath. You should make sure your issue is handled as soon as you can get an appointment.

Your bad breath is accompanied by mouth pain or bleeding

If your bad breath is not the only oral health symptom you have, then you need to call your dentist right away. Your bad breath could be the result of an oral infection or a mouth sore that has gotten worse, or you may even have gum disease or a rotten tooth. Your dentist can help you with not just your bad breath symptoms, but your overall mouth issues and can help you get the pain relief you need.

Note: bleeding gums are a leading sign of gum disease. Even without bad breath, if you have bleeding gums, see your dentist.

Your bad breath is not going away no matter what you do

If you have bad breath and it's not going away regardless of how you are treating your symptoms, then call your dentist for help. You may have dry mouth, halitosis (a medical term for bad breath), or some other type of condition that is causing your breath to be very bad. You may be able to get a prescription for mouthwash to assist you or have other bad breath remedies that can bring you relief.

If your bad breath is getting even worse, then call your dentist. Your bad breath condition should not just worsen over time. It should be getting better with regular teeth brushing and other measures, so speak to your dentist if it's not.


6 March 2023

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