2 Possible Reasons Why You Are Suffering From Chronic Bad Breath (Halitosis)

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Shortly after you brush your teeth in the morning, you may notice that your breath does not reflect your oral hygiene routine and starts to smell. No matter how often your brush and floss your teeth or swish mouthwash, you just cannot seem to get your breath smelling fresh.

If you suffer from chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis, there may be an underlying condition that is causing it. Below are a couple of the possible reasons why you are suffering from bad breath, both of which can be treated by a dentist.

1. You Suffer from Dry Mouth, or Xerostomia, Because Your Saliva Production Is Low

One possible reason why you may suffer from halitosis is that you have a chronic dry mouth, or xerostomia. When you have xerostomia, your mouth does not produce enough saliva to cleanse the teeth, gums, and tongue of food particles and germs, causing a buildup that contributes to your bad breath.

While xerostomia can be caused by some medications, it could be that your glands are just not able to produce the amount of saliva that they should. Fortunately, a dentist can suggest mouth moisturizers and prescribe medication that can help moisten your mouth and stimulate the production of saliva.

2. You Have a Large Number of Bacteria in Your Mouth or a Hidden Infection in Your Gums or Teeth

Another possible cause of your chronic bad breath is a large number of bacteria in your mouth or a hidden infection in your gums or teeth. Bacteria produce a metabolic byproduct that will smell bad if large amounts accumulate in your mouth.

Depending on whether you have an infection, your dentist may give you an antibiotic pill or mouthwash. They may also examine your gums for gingivitis or periodontal disease since bacteria growth is a major contributor to both of these types of gum disease. If gum disease is found, the dental professional can then start treating it.

If you seem to have bad breath no matter how much your brush, rinse with mouthwash, and suck on breath mints, you may have an underlying condition causing your halitosis. Whether your bad breath is caused by xerostomia, excessive bacteria, or a hidden infection, there are things that can be done to treat the underlying condition and help sweeten your breath. Make an appointment with a general dentistry office to learn more about treatment.


5 April 2023

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