3 Questions About Getting Dental X-Rays

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Has your dentist told you that you need x-rays? Since this is not something that is done every single visit, you likely have some questions about x-rays before you move forward with getting them.

Are Bitewing X-Rays Still Required With A Full-Mouth X-Ray?

One of the advantages of taking a full-mouth x-ray is that it gives the dentist a full view of your mouth in a single image. However, this does not give the dentist the same level of detail that the bitewing x-rays provide. The full-mouth x-ray is taken less often, with them often being years apart. However, bitewing x-rays are taken every single year. 

Bitewing x-rays will help the dentist see cavities that the dentist may not be able to see with a simple visual inspection. They can also help identify tartar that is located between the back teeth. The density of the bones that hold your teeth in place can also be looked at and help identify signs that the bone is starting to deteriorate prematurely. 

Are Dental X-Rays Safe For Patients? 

While nobody wants to get an x-ray taken that is unnecessary due to the potential exposure to radiation, know that the amount of radiation you are exposed to is incredibly low, and the benefits often outweigh the risks. When you compare a dental x-ray to other types used for your chest or abdomen, a dental x-ray only uses a fraction of the radiation that those other x-rays require. That's why dental x-rays have low radiation exposure and are considered safe. 

If X-Rays Are Safe, Why Does The Dentist Leave The Room?

The amount of radiation that you are exposed to when getting an x-ray is incredibly minor, and the technology is constantly getting better over time. This means that even less radiation is being used with the equipment used today when compared to the older equipment of the past. That said, you're likely wondering why the dentist leaves the room when an x-ray is taken if it is so safe.

This is because dentists are taking multiple x-rays every single day, and if they stayed in the room, they would be exposed to a lot more radiation over their lifetime. As the patient, you only get these x-rays taken once every year or so, so your overall exposure is much less.

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23 March 2021

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