What Advantages Do Invisalign Braces Offer?

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People who are hoping to achieve straight teeth without an overbite or underbite can take advantage of orthodontic treatment. When you see your orthodontist for a consultation, they will tell you all about your options. Primarily, you will have the choice between Invisalign braces or traditional metal braces. Here are four advantages that Invisalign braces can offer over traditional braces:

1. Less Soreness

Traditional braces can sometimes abrade the sensitive skin of a patient's mouth. This is because they are attached to the teeth using metal brackets, which contain hooks to which elastic bands can be attached. Some people find these metal pieces very uncomfortable. By contrast, Invisalign braces are made of smooth plastic that will not cause additional irritation. Invisalign braces can be worn comfortably without the need for dental wax.

2. Greater Dietary Options

People who wear clear aligners can enjoy a wider range of foods than those who choose traditional braces. Braces are held together using a series of wires and rubber bands, which can be damaged by certain foods. People with metal braces are cautioned against eating taffy, gum, popcorn, and anything else that might damage their orthodontic equipment. Invisalign wearers take their clear aligners out before eating. Since clear aligners are not worn while snacking or eating meals, patients can eat anything they desire.

3. Easy Oral Care

Every person should brush their teeth twice a day and floss daily, even people who wear braces. Traditional braces can make it hard to clean your teeth well since you need to clean around the metal wires and brackets of your braces. Clear aligners should be removed before oral care commences. Once your clear aligners are out of your mouth, you can brush and floss your teeth as usual, which eliminates the need for special equipment. The clear aligners themselves can be cleaned with some water and a soft-bristled toothbrush.

4. Nearly Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

Some people find wearing braces embarrassing. Teenagers may be worried that their peers will tease them for wearing braces, and adults may worry that they'll look young and unprofessional for wearing braces. Invisalign braces can give patients of any age another option. Clear aligners are made from sheer plastic that is difficult to detect at a distance. They can offer you a discreet and natural look that will allow you to go about your day as though you weren't wearing anything on your teeth at all.


13 May 2021

Maximizing Your Smile Power

As a busy professional, my public appearance is very important to me. Networking with potential clients and business contacts is as much about the image you present as it is about what you do and what you know. I take care to look my best every day by taking special care with my hair, makeup, and clothes. But for a long time, I was embarrassed about my smile, and restricted myself to tight, closed mouth smiles to hide my yellowed, crooked teeth. Then I discovered what cosmetic dentistry could do for me. With the help of a great cosmetic dentist, I decided to have tooth whitening treatments and use corrective tooth straightening equipment. Now I have no problem flashing a big, white smile everywhere I go. You can do the same thing! Find out how cosmetic dentistry can maximize your smile power and improve your life.