What Can Pediatric Dentists Do For Their Patients?

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Going to the dentist's office should be a pleasant and productive experience for patients of all ages. Pediatric dentists can help kids get the oral care they need from the day their first tooth emerges until the day they become adults. Here are four things that pediatric dentists can do for their patients:

1. Put patients at ease.

Many people feel some level of anxiety when it's time to visit the dentist, especially if they have restorative dental procedures scheduled. However, this anxiety may be more pronounced in children than in adults. Pediatric dentists understand that visiting the dentist's office can be stressful for children, so they will do their best to put their patients at ease. Pediatric dentists cultivate a kind and patient manner that can help kids relax throughout their dental appointments. Dentists can also offer child-friendly sedation options for kids who experience severe dental anxiety.

2. Clean children's teeth.

Routine teeth cleaning is an important tool for maintaining good dental health. Pediatric dentists can clean children's teeth biannually during routine appointments. During these appointments, your child's pediatric dentist will clean tartar and plaque off your child's teeth. They will also polish your child's teeth to remove bacteria and give your child a bright, white smile.

3. Oversee the growth of permanent teeth.

Shortly after babies are born, they begin to grow their first set of teeth. Primary teeth, or baby teeth, will serve kids well until they fall out when kids are around twelve years old. As kids lose their baby teeth, their permanent teeth will begin to grow in. For the most part, this process takes care of itself. However, pediatric dentists can oversee the process and provide help when necessary. Pediatric dentists can extract baby teeth that refuse to come out on their own. They can also place spacers in kids' mouths after baby teeth fall out. These spacers can prevent teeth from shifting before permanent teeth can grow in, which can, in turn, prevent overcrowding in the mouth.

4. Provide orthodontic services.

Kids sometimes require orthodontic treatment if they suffer from overbites or underbites. Braces and retainers can shift kids' teeth into better positions, which can help kids avoid jaw pain as a result of poorly aligned teeth. Some basic orthodontic services can be provided by general dentists, but other problems are more complex. If your child's pediatric dentist is unable to provide the orthodontic services they need, your child's dentist can write them a referral to a specialist.

For more information, contact a local pediatric dental clinic.


22 October 2021

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