Seven Important Pieces Of Information Your New General Dentist Needs

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When you start going to a dentist, they are going to need some information in order to provide you with the best possible care. The following are seven important pieces of information your new general dentist needs. 

Current medications you're taking

One of the first things you will do when you come in for an appointment at the dentist's office is fill out some paperwork. In this paperwork, you'll be asked if you're currently taking any medications. Your dentist needs to know about the medications you're taking to avoid any harmful medical interactions.

Medical history data

In addition to answering questions about medications, you'll also be asked about your medical history. Your dentist will need to know if you've suffered from any of a list of different conditions that could impact your dental health. 

Recent dental care appointments

Your dentist is going to want to know the date of your last dental appointment. In addition, your dentist will want to know whether this appointment was just for a basic cleaning or for a treatment such as a filling or root canal. 

Dental records

If you have your dental records available, it's a good idea to provide them to a new general dentist that you start going to for care. Your dentist can get additional information about your dental health from your records. 

You could contact your most recent dentist's office to have staff transfer your records.

Symptoms you've been having

You need to let your dentist know if you've been experiencing any symptoms of a possible dental problem such as pain in one of your teeth. If you have any current concerns about your dental health, make sure to discuss them with your dentist at the beginning of your appointment. 

Oral hygiene routine

Another thing your dentist may ask you about is your oral hygiene routine. Your dentist may want to know how often you brush and whether you floss your teeth regularly. Your dentist can let you know if you need to make any changes to your oral hygiene routine to optimize your dental health. 

Insurance coverage

If you have dental insurance, you'll want to provide details on your policy to your new dentist's office. It's a good idea to find out in advance if your new general dentist office will accept your insurance. 

For more information and details about general dentistry, check out this website or similar sites. 


2 December 2021

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