Horrible Halitosis: How Your Dentist Deals With The Smell And Helps You Manage It

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If you have been told that your breath could knock over a buffalo at twenty paces, there is a very good chance that you have halitosis. Halitosis is a fancy word meaning "bad breath," except that it is not just any bad breath. Halitosis is the worst case scenario of any bad breath. If it is especially embarrassing to you, you might be concerned about offending your dentist and how your dentist will manage it.

30 November 2017

The Surprising Advantage of Partial Dentures Over Bridges

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When you've had multiple teeth fall out next to each other, you have quite a few options to select from to replace those teeth. While a bridge might seem like the perfect solution, it might surprise you to learn that bridges come with some drawbacks. Keep reading to discover what these drawbacks are and why you should pick partial dentures instead. The Problems With Dental Bridges Dental bridges get their name from acting like a bridge between teeth.

7 November 2017

Hybrid Denture Frequently Asked Questions

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Individuals that have suffered the loss of many of their teeth will likely find that it can be embarrassing to need to smile, and they may experience problems when speaking, drinking and eating. Hybrid dentures can be an excellent solution for those that need to replace many of their teeth but want an option that is more secure than traditional dentures but less expensive than a full mouth of implants.

10 October 2017

Avoidable Reasons Why Your Child's Teeth May Become Crooked

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Some children have crooked teeth due to the natural structure of their palates. However, crooked teeth may also develop for other reasons. Here are a few avoidable reasons that your child's teeth may become misaligned: Pacifiers If your child only uses a pacifier for a short period, the device is not likely to affect the alignment of the little one's teeth. However, a child who continues to use a pacifier after his or her permanent teeth begin to present may incur problems with crooked teeth.

8 September 2017

Dental Care Tips for Parents

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Pediatric dental care is one of the more stressful aspects of parenting due to new parents being ill prepared for this part of raising a child. While there are many parenting courses for almost any aspect of raising a child, many new parents may find that they receive little information about pediatric dental care. To avoid letting your child suffer from dental issues, you should take the time to thoroughly educate yourself about this important health topic.

10 August 2017

Sensitive Teeth? What You Can Do About It

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If you have sensitive teeth, it can be a bit of a pain. Trying to avoid certain foods that are too hot or too cold, chewing on just one side of your mouth, or feeling pain each and every time you eat can all be painful. It's not fun living life that way. You want to enjoy food without feeling pain or needing to avoid foods that you love. See below for tips on how to handle sensitive teeth:

22 July 2017

Dental Care Tips Parents May Overlook

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Keeping your child's teeth healthy is important for both your child's appearance and their overall health. Yet, there are mistakes that parents may accidentally make that could put their child at a higher risk of suffering serious dental issues at some point during their lives.   Appreciate The Benefits Of Fluoride Fluoride is a critical mineral for helping with dental health. This mineral helps with the mineralization of teeth. As a result, it can help keep enamel strong and resilient.

26 June 2017

Five Major Options To Be Aware Of If You Want To Improve The Appearance Of Your Teeth

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If you're not happy with the appearance of your teeth, there are a lot of different things a cosmetic dentist can do for you. In order to determine the best treatment for your particular desires, you need to be aware of the services a cosmetic dentist offers. The following are the five most-common treatment options a cosmetic dentist offers to a patient who wishes for whiter, straighter, and healthier-looking teeth:

7 June 2017

Understanding Dental Implants And Gum Disease

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If you have lost all of your teeth, then you may want to go through some type of reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction can involve the placement of dental implants, and you will need to speak with a dentist and an oral surgeon to find out how the implant process can be started. The process will involve an evaluation of your mouth. If you have any type of gingivitis or active gum disease, then this will need to be treated first.

23 February 2017

Dentistry Solutions To Replace Missing Teeth Or Improve Tooth Shape And Color

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If you are unhappy with your smile, you have options. Whether you have a missing tooth that you want replaced, or you just can't seem to get your teeth white enough, your dentist can help you get a better smile. From dental implant technology that can replace a missing tooth, to dental lumineers that can cover up oddly shaped teeth, you can improve your smile with the help of your dentist.

10 February 2017